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November 21, 1999 / ivanovomun

Agenda 1999

ECOSOC – Economic Council

  • Problem of the External Debts of the Countries with Economies in Transition
  • Population of the Earth and the World Development in the Third Millennium
  • International Co-operation to Fight the Corruption and Money Laundering

POLIMIL – Political and Military Committee

  • Deccisive and Immediate Reform of the United Nations Organization, including the Role of the United Nations in Prevention and Regulation of Military Conflicts
  • The Rights of People to Self-Determination, including The Question of Kurds
  • Measures to Control the Production and Use of New Types of Weapon

HUMECO – Humanitarian and Ecological Issues

  • Problem of Ecologicaly Safe Package of Consumer Goods
  • Prevention of the Use of Internet for the Criminal and Inhuman Purposes by Means of International Law
  • Freedom of Expression and Fight Against Aggressive Nationalism, Racism and Sexism


  • World Situation With the Rights of the Child Ten Years After the Adoption of the 1989 Convention

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