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November 21, 2003 / ivanovomun

Agenda 2003


  • The Situation in the Middle East ( Iran, Iraq, Palestinian Autonomy).
  • Threats to the International Peace Caused by the Terrorist Acts.

POLIMIL – Political and Military Committee

  • Problem of Non-Recognized States (with regard to the territory of CIS ).
  • Creating Common Anti-Missile Defense for the US , NATO and Russia.
  • Reducing Danger of Nuclear Conflict (with regard to Northern Korea, India, Pakistan).

ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council

  • Measures to Prevent Global Energy Crisis.
  • Measures to Prevent Illegal Exploitation of Children.
  • International Cooperation to Develop Youth Cultural and Educational Tourism.

HUMECO – Humanitarian and Ecological Committee

  • International Measures to Oppose the Threat of Global Epidemic Diseases (with regard to SARS).
  • Measures to Protect Citizens Against Bureaucracy and Administrative Oppression.
  • Professional Advancement of Women in Countries with Economies in Transition.


  • Youth Participation in Political and Social Life of their Nations and of the World Community.

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