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November 23, 2005 / ivanovomun

Interviews in EcoSuD

Daniel Hellqvist (Syria, Int’l College Stockholm)
“Before I came to Russia and MUN I have been very skeptical about this. Now, when I’m here, I’ve realized that Russia is not what I thought it’s like. It’s far much better than my expectations. I really like Russia. I’m in ECOSUD, because I find economics very interesting. I think that participating in this conference will help me in my future career as a politician. Especially I’m interested in discussion of the role of knowledge networks in the economic development as I find it highly competent. Due to this fact that Russia is outstanding, I would be more than delighted to have opportunity to return to this fascinating country. Besides, my host family has told me many things about Russian life style. That is a good experience that will follow with me through my life.”

Ekaterina Kotoukhina (Austria, Ivanovo MUN)
“I’ve chosen this committee because the questions of economic and sustainable development are of great significance nowadays. I study at the Economic Department at the Ivanovo State University. Participating in this conference gives me the opportunity to learn more interesting things in my professional sphere. I like the atmosphere of my committee very much, because all people are friendly and open-hearted. I like the conference because the Ivanovo preparations to it are very hard. Especially I’d like to thank our chair Anastasia Orlova for her job and real support and to thank our advisor Artem Taganov who helped us a lot. Thank you and good luck!”


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