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November 24, 2005 / ivanovomun

Interviews in HumaSI

Michael Haas (Philippines, Ramstein AHS)
“I’m very interested in humanitarian and social issues concerning Bird Flue. I supposed there were many good points made by the delegates. Speaking about the Opening ceremony I’d like to say that it was a huge shock for me to be the first who had to read the policy statement. It’s my first time I’ve been to Russia, and I think that this country differs a lot from the other places I’ve been. I hope that I will have the opportunity to come here next year.”

Ekaterina Katashinskaya (Lithuania, Ivanovo MUN)
“The Humanitarian and Social Issues Committee attracted my attention because there are really urgent problems in the Agenda, which I’m interested in. for example, the danger of Asian Flu, which has already been worrying the citizens of our country. I think that participating in this discussion will probably help me to understand these problems more deeply and then find the decision. Our committee works effectively, because all the delegates are being discussed. And that’s great!”


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