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April 16, 2006 / ivanovomun

Model Group of Eight in Ivanovo

by Dmitriy Riabov

April 12-14, 2006 a Model G8 was held at the Ivanovo State University. It was organized by students of the Ivanovo MUN Group.

During the meeting the representatives of the major global actors discussed the most urgent issues. Two reputed high-school MUN groups have participated in the Ivanovo Summit – the Deutsche Schule Athens MUN (Greece) and the Ivanovo MUN Group.

The Model included two days of Group of Eight format lobbying and a Model Press Соnference. Rules of procedure of the Model G8 were almost the same as of Model SC, but they were less formal, as free discussion was in order. The honourable delegates visited also Ivanovo museums, famous Russian cities of Suzdal and Shuya, and had some sports activity.

Participants of the Model G8

Ivanovo MUN: Ekaterina Kotoukhina, Dmitriy Riabov (Russia), Ivan Petrov, Oksana Koudriavtseva (Canada), Arseniy Batyrov, Anna Premilova (Japan), Dmitriy Zoubko, Ekaterina Vaseneva (the USA).

Deutsche Schule Athens MUN: Marina Kolovou-Kouri, Polyana Spanou (France), Joanna Balta, Maria Kakouri (Germany), Maria Chalvatzaki, Alexandros Sifnaios (Italy), Elena Christodoulopoulou, Armelina Sifnaiou (UK).

Lobbying of the Heads of States

The main topic on their agenda was the question of energy security. The debates were really hard and productive but the atmosphere of the session was very friendly.

Russian President offered her project of the final paper, which was rather good and logical. Then the official debates began. The role of nuclear energy was of greatest interest for all countries. The most pleasant thing about the discussion was the spirit of mutual understanding and tolerance. After the debates the Joint Statement of the Heads of States was created.

Lobbying of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs

After the small opening meeting and the lunch the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of G8, had a two-hour discussion on the topic of Religious Intolerance and Religious Extremism. They achieved understanding on definitions of religion and religious intolerance, and they got to know each other, which created a cooperative air in the committee.

The other day the Ministers talked about intolerance and extremism and at long last made up a Joint Statement. Some time after the Heads of States joined them to inspect their work.

Press Conference

The Model G8 Summit was closed by a press conference, on which the Joint Statements were presented.

The press conference was attended by the “Model representatives” of the world-famous TV channels and newspapers. Some of the questions made participants really nervous. As a result, Mr. President of the United States acknowledged that “Freedom and equality are not for all!”

Model Group of Eight summit was a great experience for all its participants. It gave them an opportunity to make new friends and to explore a lot of interesting things about this world. It was a great pleasure to try to make the world a little better.

Ivanovo students really liked the people from Deutsche Schule Athens, it was a real pleasure to work and to communicate with them. We are looking forward to seeing them again either in Ivanovo or in Athens!

Dmitriy Riabov


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