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November 21, 2006 / ivanovomun

Agenda 2006

UN Security Council

  • Role of Regional Security Organizations in the International Security System (with Special Regard to NATO and Shanghai Cooperation Organization).
  • Prevention of Threats to International Peace and Security Caused by Local Disintegration (with Special Regard to the Middle East and Caucasus Regions).

POLISEC – Politics and Security Issues

  • Review of the Effectiveness of Current Peace-Keeping and Emergency Relief Operations Undertaken by the UN and Regional IGOs.
  • Consideration of Effective Measures to Protect Diplomatic and Consular Representatives in Areas of Instability.

ECOSUD – Economic and Sustainable Development

  • Financial Assistance to Civil Victims of Armed Conflicts.
  • Preventing the Use of Energy Resources and Other Supplies for Political Pressure and Domination.

HUMASI – Humanitarian and Social Issues

  • Measures to be Taken against Domestic Violence.
  • Promoting the Idea of Tolerance and Peace in the Areas of Ethnic and Political Tension.

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