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November 22, 2006 / Дмитрий Рябов

by Dmitriy Polyvyannyy, IMUNG Coordinator

Ivanovo MUN has long history. Every November for already fourteen years our city’s population grows up with two hundred young delegates coming here from different cities and states to write a new page in this history. Every November a small group of the Ivanovo University teachers and students supported by their colleagues from Lyceum 21 stay sleepless to provide venues, transportation, hotel, accommodation, meals, paper, copies and other stuff for the conference. Every November sixty-eighty Ivanovo families adopt for a couple of days new children speaking different language from the mother tongue of their sons and daughters. Ivanovo MUN has happy history. Those people who had begun it many years ago are still in business. Wherever they are and whatever they do they keep on doing MUN or supporting it. The Ivanovo MUN Group, changing its seventh generation reproduces itself through its best alumnis, who become MUN advisers and directors or just keep on supporting it with their efforts, skills and time. They give much but they get back a lot, too. Former IMUNGers constitute the core of the student elites in every college or university in Ivanovo , Moscow or abroad. The skills they possess and the spirit they save forever make them unique. Ivanovo MUN has future, which once will become history. We remember every year of our past life and learn to take advantages from our mistakes and failures. We consider our highlights and achievements to have them again. As it had been written on our first MUN stationery in 1993, we trust our old friends and welcome new ones. When this conference is over, we’ll repeat in chorus “We have done it!” and will know exactly one thing – in a year we will do it again.


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