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November 25, 2006 / Дмитрий Рябов

Friends of IMUNG Write…

by Alex Dumke, Ramstein AHS

I have attended 13 conferences, ranging from The Hague International Model U.N. to Ramstein American Model U.N., which I helped established and led for the past two years. I like the cultural exchange that Ivanovo MUN offers. Unlike THIMUN and the extremely large conferences, one can get to know different cultures and personalities better with the smaller size and more personal atmosphere given by Ivanovo MUN. Ivanovo MUN also grants the ability to stay with host families, which add to the excitement and cultural immersion given by the time stayed in Ivanovo. That and I was appointed s a Deputy President the second year I attended. I was most impressed by the fact that the Ivanovo MUN conference is completely run by students. Not only that, but students from across the globe. When I attended as a Deputy President, the chairs and other deputy presidents consisted of students of different nationalities and ethnicities, not just from Ivanovo. The key to an impressive and successful conference is allowing for the students to take matters into their own hands and watch the conference unfold


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