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November 30, 2009 / Дмитрий Рябов

Seventeen – Time to Get Changed

by Dmitriy Polyvyannyy, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMUNG

When I opened my laptop preparing to type this column, one idea suddenly came to my mind. I thought, that the motion I was intended to make, may be queer for the delegates by one simple reason. I have been following similar events for seventeen years and my expectations mostly reflect my own experience. By the same time many young delegates attend the Ivanovo MUN for the first time and the things which are routine for me are totally new for many of you. You compare everything you see – people, schools, venues, proceedings, food, communication etc. – with your own experience unknown to me. But anyway I have decided to go on with this article.

My main concerns are not about the Ivanovo MUN. They are about the contemporary UN and its activities, if we can call them this. Having some professional observations on the current UN General Assembly in New York I can express my feelings in two words – disappointment and shame. What is GA but a podium for Chavez or Kaddafi’s shows? Forceless, bureaucratic, pressed out from the world politics by different size Gs – can the UN be MODEL for the future world and its citizens? The only answer we hear is that we need the UN in absence of other legal keepers of the international order. The change I offer for our Conference is simple – to change the very essence of our meetings. Let them be independent disputes of the independent minds. Every participating school may propose and prepare the problem (or a couple of them) they consider really important and interesting. The ideas may be organized and discussed as action paper addressed to any relevant addressees – governments, IGO, NGO etc., but first of all – to themselves, to the young people. No pre-established committees, no downloaded from the web resolution drafts, no sleeping delegates. It is just an idea. I wish you all interesting debates and bright impressions.


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