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December 1, 2009 / Дмитрий Рябов

President’s Message

by Yuri Kabanov, the Conference President

Dear MUN Participants,

Let me welcome you all to the Ivanovo MUN Conference 2009! My name is Yury Kabanov and it’s my pleasure to be Secretary General of this conference.

What does it mean to participate in MUN?

Firstly, it means to understand the essential importance of the United Nations, which can not be underestimated. As stated in the Secretary General’s Message, “We vaccinate 40 per cent of the world’s children. We feed more than 100 million people and are helping more than 30 million refugees…We are deploying more peacekeepers than ever — more than 115,000.”

Secondly, it means to be aware of and concerned about the contemporary situation in the world.

We should understand that it is we who are responsible for the future of the Humanity. Our destiny is in our hands.

I’d like to emphasize that all of the issues on the Agenda are urgent, so we will have a lot to discuss.  Be active and do not hesitate to raise your placards high! Be ready to state and defend the position of the state you represent, but also to listen to other opinions; try to cooperate with each other. Be constructive and creative! I wish you also to have great fun and pleasure while being here. Best wishes and the best of luck!


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