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December 9, 2009 / ivanovomun

Parley in London

by Uliana Timofeeva

London International Model United Nations (LIMUN) is considered to be the largest annual university-based Model United Nations conference set in Europe. It has a reputation for an exceptional standard of debate set in London’s unique and cosmopolitan atmosphere. 800 delegates took part in the work of 12 committees, including Special, Political & Decolonization; World Health Assembly; World Trade Organization; UN Environment Programme, Governing Council; International Court of Justice; Crisis Committee, etc.

The students of the Department of International Relations were present at this conference. Anna Kruglova represented Georgia in World Health Assembly, and discussed the access to healthcare of sex workers. Alina Tikhonova represented Latvia in WTO.

The delegates discussed Millen-nium Development Goal: a global partnership for development. Timofeeva Uliana represented Latvia in SOCHUM.

Every delegate was asked to submit a position paper, a paper specifying their countries‘ policies on the topics to be discussed in their committees. The effectiveness of position papers is apparent: delegates have to prepare more carefully and responsibly.
LIMUN‘s Opening Ceremony didn‘t include any opening speeches as three keynote speakers had the floor. They were:
  1. Minouche Shafik (the Permanent Secretary for the Department of International Development (DFID)),
  2. Dr Ibrahim Abosag (a lecturer at Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester; a visiting professor at Al-Faisal University in Saudi Arabia),
  3. Nicholas Hopton (Deputy Director and Head of the International Organizations Department at the FCO since April 2008).

Each of them gave a lecture on the certain agenda topic and answered some delegates‘ questions.

Besides Committee Sessions, two Social Events were held during the conference. The so-called Global Village was the first of them. Students of each university had the op-portunity to present the countries they were standing for at LIMUN through postcards, photos, flags, food, drinks, music, dances, etc. There were also live cultural performances and international music playing all night long there. The second Social Event was the LIMUN 10th Anniversary Diplomats Ball or simply a disco party. We hope that our delegates enjoyed the conference and did their best in order to solve various global issues of the day. Besides, we are looking forward to holding our Ivanovo conference and also participating in it successfully.


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