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December 11, 2009 / ivanovomun

We Are Here to Change the World!

The 17th IMUNG Conference is now in session. IMUNG team is proud to say that 69 delegates from Lakenheath American High School (UK), St. Petersburg and Moscow are participating in this year’s conference.

For the second time the Opening Ceremony took place in School 21, one of the best schools in Ivanovo. It began with lobbying. Every delegate joined one of the groups discussing the issues of the three committees – ECOSUD, POLISEC, and HUMASI. Noone could complain of having nothing to do. It is worth to mention that first grouping based on language similarity was soon replaced by the similarity of interests.

The honour to open the conference was given to Yury Kabanov, Secretary General of this year’s Conference, and Lindsey LeVay, Deputy President. They made the first speeches in which much attention was paid to the burning issues of the day.

One of the founders of Ivanovo Conference, Mrs Schmoll, made a wonderful speech, in which she encouraged the delegates to be active in their debates. For the first time Mr Schmoll is not present at the conference physically, but he is with the delegates in spirit. In his message he, more than once, urged the participants of the conference to the call of speaking.

Then the delegates turned to the presentation of their opening speeches. All representatives of the Member States ensured the audience that their countries would try to do their best in discussing the issues on the Agenda. The Chairs in their speeches emphasized the importance of these questions and wished everybody the best of luck.

We on behalf of IMUNG team encourage the delegates not only to follow their country’s policy, but to broaden their horizon discussing the most important issues of the political, economic and social life. We believe that each delegate will leave on Thursday feeling the conference was worth their efforts and they made the world a little bit better. IMUNG team promised to make this year’s conference one of the best and we’ll see very soon if it is true or not.

We do hope that the participants will enjoy this new (for some of them) encouraging academic experience.


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