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December 15, 2009 / ivanovomun

Probe Talks: POLISEC

The most serious people gathered in the POLISEC committee. 3 resolutions were discussed and successfully passed. That emphasizes public concern over reunification of Northern and Southern Cyprus, Media censorship and piracy in Somalia. The participants’ activity was increasing rapidly in the course of the session. Some curious situations happened: Both Turkey and Cyprus were co-submitters of the resolution about Cyprus. Unfortunately, neither Turkey nor Cyprus participated in the debates. Angola, United Arab Emirates, and Canada tried to discuss the resolution instead of the nations that are directly involved in the question. The hottest debates were devoted to the media censorship where some moral aspects of the policy were touched upon. The Arab Emirates: “Doesn`t the honorable delegate agree that it is important to save the psychology of the country?” The work of the POLISEC was productive enough even taking into ac-count the last minutes for voting for such nominates as: the most active delegate, the sleepiest, the least formal dressed delegate, i.e.

Top phrases:

Cyprus: “We vote in favour of this resolution, because we find it useless and helpless.”
The Arab Emirates: “Censorship protects our citizens from fear, lie and yellow press. Sometimes censorship can protect us from the truth.”

Top dialogue:

Delegate X: Honorable delegate, your speech was useless.

Chair: What was the question?

Delegate X: Do you realize this fact?

Delegate Y: Yes.”



I hope that delegates continue to debate and enjoy conferences such as this.

Yura and Uliana

We wish them to follow the policy of the countries they represent.


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