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December 24, 2009 / alexlysenkov

IMUNG 2009 Final Review. Part II. Completed Mission.

For the period of 3 days the city of Ivanovo becomes a space for intercultural dialogue and communication, a center of “decision-making” on crucial international issues which is carried out by harmonized actions of students through debate and discussions on resolutions.

Students get closer to the burning world challenges, consider and think over them.

Delegates begin to research and analyze some urgent problems that surround and concern all of us and occur on global, regional and local levels.

They gain experience of being fully involved in imitating the activities of the UN, political debate, working out and presenting public speeches.

Young and creative participants are provided an opportunity to obtain and perfect their skills and talents in these businesses.

This is our basic aim which encourages and guides us to act in line with the THIMUN principles.

We are confident that enlightening of students is a precious goal deserving our common attention and joint efforts, because it is them for whom the Ivanovo MUN had once been established!


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