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December 14, 2010 / alexlysenkov

2010 Final Review. Some Outcomes and Prospects

Alas, the eighteen IMUNG Conference 2010 “Challenges of the 21st century” has come to its end. Our 18th birthday has occurred to everybody’s great pleasure. Since now we are grown-up. This is truly a landmark in our development that will be undoubtedly continued and will make not only us but also our partners happy.

By the way, the 20th anniversary is not too far away, just wait for several years and then…=)!

This conference has promoted a remarkable tradition of gathering students, teachers and pupils from various schools of Ivanovo, Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and abroad. This year our solid community was boosted by the respected guests from Southern Europe – exactly from Italy and its well-known northern city of Milan (totally – 15 friends). It was the first time when we hosted a delegation representing this country – one more step forward in enhancing ties with the world of MUNs, isn’t it?


It goes without saying – the Italians drew their colleagues’ attention to themselves by their permanent energy, good mood, smiles, openness to communication and, surely, by their wonderful teachers – always active, fun, laughing and wise. It should be noted in advance – all of them came to Ivanovo not only to have some rest but to work seriously at the Conference that was proved by the certificates they obtained finally.

It was their return visit as an instant response to the first visit of the IMUNG delegation paid to Milan in March.

So, the cooperation really blossomed this year not in theory but in practice!

Our sincerest compliments to them!


There is no sense in pointing out once again those positive and substantial aims and tasks of such meetings and events like the IMUNG which we’ve been promoting for so long and which are felt by everybody who once was engaged in these affairs. These goals and effects are extremely clear and obvious especially after the experience of 18 years adding to it experience of other Conferences under the aegis of the THIMUN. The goals and our efforts prove useful only by the fact of our November meeting, communicating, permanent mutual understanding; discussing and analyzing too complex global issues and so on. It’s all natural. We are confident this viewpoint will be definitely and overwhelmingly supported by all the participants and our fellow colleagues.

Moreover, telling the truth, Ivanovo in not marked by too many serious international highlights in contrast to Moscow for example. There is a deficit of them. Without delegates from Moscow, St-Petersburg, Milan and other cities worldwide this conference would be just a local event. Would it be possible for anybody to know anything about it beyond Ivanovo? Hardly probable.

You really contribute to our pride and encourage the IMUNG to further cooperate with our reliable and new partners. This friendship should be ever-increasing.

So, thank you for raising international authority of our city. It won’t be in vain because, for instance, most likely you stayed in the future 2014 Youth Capital of Europe. Yet it’s just an idea by our regional government, but the IMUNG can become a part of this ambitious project.


As to the inner life of the conference. The brightest and most interesting moments, outcomes, opinions, greetings and assessments of it have been noticed, well documented and conveyed to delegates by our all-time-working press-group. That’s why in order not to double the information, their newspaper articles and columns are posted on this site, as well as photos. There will be enough data since during the conference we published three issues of the “Voices of IMUNG” – one issue a day.


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