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December 14, 2010 / alexlysenkov

IMUNG 2010: Highlight in Spotlight II

DAY 2, November 24, Wednesday

VOIMUNG. Issue 2

Page 1: The 18th IMUNG Conference Officially Opened

(Coverage of the first workday)

VOIMUNG. Issue 2

Page 2: Eighteen For A New Beginning. Exclusive Interview with Professor Dmitriy Polyvyany (Vice-rector of Ivanovo State University, founder of the IMUNG, Chairman of the 2010 IMUNG Conference)

VOIMUNG. Issue 2

VOIMUNG. Issue 2

Pages 3 – 4: Our Honourable Guests’ Remarks (Q&A)

–         Mariapia Meggeoni (POLISEC, Milan)

–         Sara Tornielli (ECOSUD, Milan)

–         Davide Peluso (ECOSUD, Milan)

–         Ivan Holodov (Chair, ECOSUD, SPIMUN)

–         Liliya Park (HUMASI, Moscow)


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