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December 14, 2010 / alexlysenkov

IMUNG 2010: Highlight in Spotlight I

You are welcome to read and get interesting information out of our official newspaper –

“Voices of IMUNG”

DAY 1,  November 23, Tuesday

VOIMUNG. Issue 1

Here you’ll find:

Page 1: Agenda of The Conference

Page 2: Secretary General Declaring

(Statement by Yury Kabanov, IMUNG President and Secretary General, Chair of the POLISEC Committee)

Page 3: About The Ivanovo MUN Group

(Retrospective insight)

Pages 4 – 5: Chairs Having The Floor

(Greetings to the participants)

–         Yury Kabanov (POLISEC, IMUNG)

–         Ilya Rudnik (HUMASI, SPIMUN)

–         Anna Chebotareva (HUMASI, IMUNG)

–         Maria Shkurina (SC, IMUNG)

–         Lisa Keshkova (ECOSUD, SPIMUN)

–         Igor Kudryakov (ECOSUD, SPIMUN)

–         Kirill Kuznetsov and Darya Guvernatorova (Action Paper, IMUNG)

–         Yulya Mukhina, Advisor (IMUNG)

Page 6: Milan-Experienced

(On the IMUNG’s trip to Milan, the MILMUN Conference, spring, 2010)

Page 7: Ivanovo

(On Ivanovo current cultural stance)

Page 8: Ivanovo Downtown

(Special map of sights)


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