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February 14, 2011 / alexlysenkov

2010 IMUNG Resolutions Discussed and Passed

You are welcome to look through and study (if you wish) the resolutions discussed during the Committee sessions last November in the POLISEC, ECOSUD and HUMASI Committees as well as in the Action Paper Sub-Committee. Hope, you will remember something good and fun about those splendid autumn meetings.


The role of START-3 (Strategic Arms Reduction treaty) in the global security and stability.

Question 1

Submitted by The Republic of Uganda

Co-submitted by The USA, Argentina, The Czech Republic, The Russian Federation, France, Jamaica, Germany,  Bahrain, Israel, India, Iran, The Netherlands,  Afghanistan, China, Lebanon, Greece, Cuba, New Zealand, Norway, Italy, Japan

Terrorism and its new forms.

Question 2

Submitted by Republic of Korea

Co-submitted by Greece, Pakistan, Lebanon, Czech Republic, Gabon, Russian Federation, Turkey, New Zealand, Norway


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