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Ivanovo MUN Group brings together high school seniors and college junior students who choose different professions, but have a perception of Russia as a part of the world community, and of our region and city as a part of the world that is open for cooperation and interaction.

The Group was founded in 1993, and now it brings together around 300 delegates from Russia, Belarus, and the USA. Our steady guests are Ramstein American High School (Germany), and St.-Petersburg International MUN Group.

Ivanovo is a half-million populated city 300 km North-East of Moscow, first mentioned in documents in 1561. It was famous for its revolutionary past, the First Soviet, and the textile industry. It is nicknamed “The City of Brides” . Being surrounded with famous historical sites – Suzdal, Vladimir, Kostroma, Yaroslavl, Palekh, and Plyos, the city of Ivanovo is a part of the so-called “Golden Ring of Ancient Russian Cities” – popular international tourist route.

The official newspaper of the conference is Voices of IMUNG, it is published annually in November. Ivanovo MUN Group is online since 1999.

Board of Directors

Dmitriy Poliviannyy, Chairman
Elena Vasiatskaia, Treasurer
Natalia Karaulova, Housing Coordinator
Tatyana Taganova, Guest Reception


Ivanovo MUN Group, History Department, Ivanovo State University, ul. Timiryazeva 5, Ivanovo, Russia, 153025.
Telephone: +7-4932-32-66-00
Fax: +7-4932-32-66-00 (Dr. Poliviannyy)
Vkonkte (VK):



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